Substantial Savings on Web Hosting with a BlueHost Coupon

Written on June 6, 2013 at 10:39 pm, by admin

bluehost-couponsBlueHost already provides one of the most affordable web hosting services available. Unlike many of the web hosting services that have appeared in the past few years, BlueHost has been an industry leader since it was founded in 1996 and uses state of the art, lightning fast servers that are housed in their 50,000 square foot headquarters in Provo, Utah. They provide an unlimited web hosting package for one flat rate that provides all of the features that many of their competitors charge extra for. Their already low cost shared web hosting service can be had for even less money for the first year simply by using one of the readily available coupons from the official BlueHost Coupon Website, just as you can find iPage web hosting promotions to reduce the cost of iPage’s services.

The shared hosting includes unlimited bandwidth and disk storage space so that you can be sure that your website has all of the room to grow that you need. The bandwidth combines with the high speed servers provides excellent download speeds and give your website’s visitors the best possible user experience. Behind the scenes BlueHost provides every shared hosting account with a full range of features like a complete suite of e-mail applications and unlimited addresses, it allows users to have an unlimited number of domains on a single account and provides anti spam and web traffic analytical software to support your new website.

The basic package includes everything that you will need to create a professional website and there is a choice of a template based website designer or a range of proprietary scripts that can usually be installed with only a few mouse clicks. There is a choice of over 50 scripts that cover every online application from building a simple hobby blog to a comprehensive e-commerce website or even an in house Content Management System (CMS) to help you manage your business. All of this is managed through cPanel, one of the most popular website management applications on the web today. You can also have an unlimited number of FTP accounts and MySQL databases so you can be sure that you will have enough room for all of your online projects. Standard accounts also come with a variety of e-commerce features like an SSL secure server, password protected directories and a choice of shopping cart applications so that you don’t have to spend any extra on third party software to get your new e-commerce website onto the web and earning an income.

The flat rate fee for shared hosting from BlueHost starts at $6.95 per month and there is usually a heavily discounted rate for new accounts available right on their front page. Just this can reduce the cost by as much as $25 per year but by going to their dedicated coupon page it is often possible to get as much as 67% off of your first year of web hosting. When you combine these savings with the $100 of AdWords credits and the free year of domain registration that comes as a standard inclusion in every new account it is hard to find better value for money shared web hosting than the deal provided by BlueHost.

Bluehost Blog Hosting is the Perfect Match for WordPress

Written on July 28, 2013 at 11:11 pm, by admin

bluehost-blog-hostingIt is estimated that one in five newly active domains is attached to a website that is powered by WordPress. This ubiquitous blogging platform has become the industry standard application for designing and managing weblogs. Because so many people want to use this versatile software BlueHost have optimized their service to make it compatible with WordPress sites for their customers.

The shared hosting deal from BlueHost is a simple flat rate that provides unlimited services that you often have to pay extra for from other providers. There is no limit to the number of domains that you can host on your BlueHost account and so you can keep as many blog sites as you want to at no extra cost. You can also install a large number of instances of WordPress and can have as many as 100 WordPress sites on one single account. The application is installed with a single click via the Fantastico script installation application in cPanel, the website management system that comes as standard with all BlueHost web hosting accounts.

WordPress is a very user friendly blogging platform that makes it easy to create anything from a simple blog page right through to complicated Content Management Systems (CMS). Because it is an Open Source application there are a huge number of plug-ins that allow you to quickly and easily extend the functionality of your site. There are also thousands of widgets, many of them for free, that you can use to add images, text and or any of a wide array of applications to the sidebars of your website.

Installation is a simple process but if you intend to install multiple instances of WordPress to a single domain you will have to create a database and a sub domain address to use. Otherwise, for single installations it is a simple matter of choosing the right domain and the Fantastico installer will create your new blog in its root address. Following that you will be able to manage your new WordPress blog straight from your domain’s administration dashboard without ever having to visit your website manager again.

Of course if you do encounter problems with your WordPress installation BlueHost’s technical staff can provide the customer support and advice to help you to sort it out. BlueHost also makes any WordPress upgrades available through cPanel within 24 hours of their release so that your website will always be running the best version of the script that is available. Upgrading your WordPress script is easy to do straight through cPanel and in most cases it won’t take longer than a few minutes to have the new version powering your blog.

There are other options for blogging platforms but few of them provide the power and flexibility that WordPress does. Because there is a huge community of users there is a good level of online support to augment the technical advice that you can get from BlueHost’s customer support team. When you consider the variety of themes, the range of proprietary plug-ins and the thousands of free widgets available it all adds up to make hosting your WordPress blog on BlueHost a sensible choice.

The Differences in the Price and Features of BlueHost vs. iPage

Written on July 10, 2013 at 11:10 pm, by admin

bluehost-vs-ipageBoth BlueHost and iPage are operated by the Endurance International Group and both have been around for a long time in the web hosting business but they offer very different sorts of web hosting services. Apart from the website management systems that they use, their prices and available extras differ quite a lot. Both offer a very reliable service with a good reputation and while the BlueHost package provides a wider range of software options iPage provides a very user friendly, straightforward service.

The most obvious difference is the price with BlueHost’s standard rate being only $6.95 as compared to the iPage rate of $8.49 per month. At the same time, the discounted rate at iPage is an amazingly low $1.95 per month for the first year which is far lower than the usual discount rate of $4.95 at BlueHost. Another factor is the amount of added extras that come with iPage accounts including $175 in internet marketing credit from Google AdWords, Yahoo or Bing search ads and Facebook advertising. The other extras that make up the $500 value that is advertised at iPage is made up of free access to ShopSite e-commerce software and the SiteLock online security suite. There is also a website builder and a premium technical support suite and a free domain transfer service for all new customers. While this may look like a lot of extra value it is matched by the standard inclusions in BlueHost shared hosting accounts. These come with a free website builder, online security applications and world class, 24/7 technical support directly from their service center in Provo Utah.

A major difference between the two web hosting services is what you get behind the scenes. BlueHost supplies users with the popular cPanel website management system while iPage uses vDeck. While for many people this may be a matter of preference the cPanel manager offers slightly more control and flexibility and comes complete with a full array of over 50 scripts that are ready to install. The vDeck website management system is more intuitive to use but it has fewer scripts available for installation. Even so, all of the most popular ones like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are included so that you can still create a very wide variety of types of website.

BlueHost also offers a slightly wider range of choice when it comes to the available e-commerce features, e-mail application and database support. For most users the differences between the two services will be pretty minimal but if you want to have as much control over the technical aspects of webhosting then you will probably want to go with BlueHost. On the other hand, for smaller, simpler websites or hobby bloggers the service from iPage provides a lot of value early on with the cost of the first year’s webhosting being under $25. They also provide a lot more free marketing credits if you think that you will need to give your new website a bit more of a kick start at the beginning.

The Easy to Set Up Content Management of BlueHost Joomla Hosting

Written on June 25, 2013 at 11:09 pm, by admin

bluehost-joomla-hostingJoomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build your own websites and powerful online applications. The user friendliness and flexibility of Joomla have made it one of the most popular site building software applications on the web at the moment. There are currently over 35 million websites that are powered by Joomla on the web now and the number is growing every day.

Because it is so flexible it is a popular choice for corporate portal sites as well as intranets. It is also a practical choice for online magazines, e-commerce and reservation sites. Because it is an Open Source software platform there are a huge number of extensions available that make it easy to adapt to any use. This also gives you direct access to the code which makes it among the most adaptable web design applications available. It also means that there are many people working on creating their own unique sites with Joomla around the world that have probably already created just the extensions that you will want to use and many of them are available for free via the Joomla website.

For BlueHost customers it is a simple one click process to install a new instance of Joomla to their account. It is one of more than fifty scripts that come as a standard inclusion in the version of cPanel that BlueHost supplies to each new web hosting account. After the quick and easy installation process it will usually be just a case of uploading the content that you want to use and you will be on the web. BlueHost provides some technical support for their web hosting accounts that are using Joomla and the set up id flexible and scalable so that you can add on extra features as your website grows and requires greater functionality.

Another advantage of using Joomla is that it requires no knowledge of HTML or any other coding skills and there is a worldwide community of users that will usually be able to help you with any of the stickier problems that you might encounter. It is based on PHP and MySQL databases and so it integrates with BlueHost’s other services seamlessly which makes it easy to manage through your account dashboard once you have established your Joomla website.

Because Joomla websites can grow to be very large as more content and functionality is added to them you will want to know that expanding isn’t going to incur any extra fees. The simple flat rate of $6.95 per month for shared web hosting from BlueHost provides unlimited disk storage. They also give you unlimited bandwidth so that as you have more users accessing your content they continue to have the quality user experience that you want them to have. Combined with the cost effective price of the standard flat rate shared web hosting package from BlueHost and all of the added extras like one year’s free domain registration and a generous $100 of free Google AdWords credits, managing your content with Joomla and BlueHost is a quick and easy way to get your content online.

Reduce Your Web Hosting Set-Up Costs with a BlueHost Discount Coupon

Written on June 16, 2013 at 11:08 pm, by admin

bluehost-discount-codeIt takes time to set up a new website and to begin getting the traffic to it that will make it start to pay. Apart from the obvious web design process a new website can take months to develop the SEO to rank well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Especially for the first few months it can be difficult to make your website pay and so finding practical ways to reduce your web hosting costs during that period can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Not only do you want a cost effective web hosting package but you also want to know that the company that you choose to go with can provide the level of quality service and reliability that you need to build a successful online business. BlueHost has been established since 1996 and has earned a reputation for providing state of the art service along with a complete shared web hosting package for a simple flat monthly rate. Unlike many of their competitors, BlueHost don’t limit any of their features and this provides all of the flexibility and room to grow that your new website could ever need.

The standard rate for shared web hosting from BlueHost is $6.95 per month but this is routinely discounted by as much as $2 per month for all new accounts. By using one of the commonly available BlueHost discount coupons from their official discount site it is possible to reduce this to a ridiculously low $3.95 per month for the first year. Along with the free registration for one domain for the same period and the $100 of Google AdWords credits to kick start your online marketing the service from BlueHost provides value for money that is hard to match.

This is backed up by the full range of features and functionality that comes with every account. There is a template based website builder included in every account that makes it simple to create any sort of website that you want to use. There are also over 50 proprietary scripts that can be installed with only a few clicks via the cPanel website management system that is a standard inclusion with every account. Everything else that you need for a new online start up is included from unlimited e-mail addresses complete with all of the autoresponders and a choice of three different webmail solutions. There is even a choice of four shopping cart applications as well as SSL server addresses and site encryption for password protected content so that you can set up any sort of website that you want to use without having to spend any extra on third party applications.

If you are starting up a new website then it is hard to go past BlueHost for the variety of features and the flexible functionality that they provide. Their web hosting is already among the cheapest that is available for a similar quality of service and technology and by using one of their discount coupons when you sign up your can even enjoy a honeymoon period that almost pays for itself.